September 14, 2021

Danny Miranda | Unlocking your highest version

This week, I chat with Danny Miranda. Danny is a writer, podcaster, connector, and life-long learner who I really look up to. Honestly, he's my favourite follow on Twitter as he exudes absolute positive and hope in every single one of his tweets, ideas and interactions.

Seriously, I've never heard the dude complain, be negative or put anyone down and his platform emobidies that. Danny started one of my favourite podcasts, The Danny Miranda Podcast and has now surpassed well over 100 episodes. His podcast consists of thought provoking conversations taking a journey through the minds of the world's top performers, including Gary Vaynerchuk, Tom Bilyeu, and Kamal Ravikant just to name a few.

I look up to how Danny lives his live with absolute gratitude - he meditates for a minimum of 30 minutes every morning, trains his body and his mind, and manifests incredible experiences. But my favourite thing about this dude? He follows his natural curiosity.

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Enjoy this episode and just remember, It's Not That Deep



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